Jeska Harrington Gould


We can despair at the inaction of governments and corporations and do nothing, or we can decide to do what is possible for us. 

Local action for wildlife habitats, carbon reduction and cleaner air is something we can all take part in, and Growing Green is committed to making changes happen. Please get involved in any way you can.

Claudia Kretzschmar


Fast, efficient, thorough. My favourite part is planting and watching living things thrive but I equally enjoy planning, organising and chatting to fellow passionate people. 

My love for nature has been instilled in me my during childhood; climbing church steeples to ring barn owls with my ornithologist father, roaming the German woods and growing flowers and food in our allotment.

Capucine Schegin


I am passionate about the environment and strongly believe in the healing power of nature. Having lived in bustling capital cities for decades, I am now striving to get closer to the wild, to soak in the seasons and to live in closer alignment with the Earth.

In the face of the climate crisis, I believe in transforming hopelessness and indifference into valuable, collaborative action. There is power in solidarity and connecting with others who care.

Lucy Cornell

Comms Officer

As a Communications, PR and Social Media specialist I have transitioned into the third sector, helping businesses with an ethical purpose and charities to organise and market themselves. 

I have a strong set of social values and I am very happy to be supporting Growing Green.

Natasha Walter - currently on leave to write her book  'Feminism for a world on Fire'

Development Co-Ordinator

At this urgent time, as we face up to the climate and ecological emergency, we all need to do what we can to make space for wildlife in our own garden or neighbourhood. I'm a writer, journalist and charity founder and I'm glad to be able to support the hands-on action that is taken by GG. If you share the passion for nature that motivates us, join us!

Nick Moss

Forests & Hedges

I’m guilty of putting pressure on our planet, visiting family on the other side of the world, turning my thermostat up etc. I don’t have the knowledge or capital to build a wind farm but I do have a spade and access to young plants that need a helping hand to give nature a lift. To date I have planted a fair amount of trees and am the newest member of this dynamic and well organised team which will accelerate my spade work.

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