William Ellis School

A boys school next to Hampstead Heath but with very little green space. Existing planters could do with some new life and the school is keen to explore nature combined with some business ideas. A second idea is to create a calm restorative space that include ponds and other nature elements. 
We work closely with the new and very enthusiastic PTA who are our champions at the school and even got an Eco Club going!
UPDATE May '24: We planted some apple trees and parents (plus our Nick) dug a big pond for the Student/Teacher Garden. Plants have been added and now we are waiting for pondlife to move in. 

Planned Projects
  • Mini ponds
  • Tranquility Garden
  • Spring bulbs
  • Cut flowers garden


With support of Growing Green, the PTA at William Ellis has been awarded £1000 from the Veolia Sustainability Fund for their calm zone. It will finance the pond, seating areas and other fabulous changes.

Calm Zone

Pond, apple trees, ...

A boring cut grass area gets a makeover ... a massive pond, apple trees, wildflowers and seating.

Some more ideas ...

Student Zen Zone

... ideas are being collected for this space ...

Planters ...

Little pockets are found throughout the school and could become herb gardens or mini meadows or even sensory or cut flower gardens