Growing Green

Biodiversity - Community - Clean Air

A London-based grassroots organisation taking action

Our mission

Health is breathing clean air and being surrounded by nature. Wilding is a powerful way to restore and heal our planet.  Growing Green is dedicated to taking action in our community.  We transform urban areas and school grounds by planting trees and hedges, building ponds, and growing food & flowers. We change featureless grass areas into wildflower meadows rich in wildlife, not only increasing biodiversity but also connecting communities to nature.

Wildlife & Kitchen Garden

Join us for our next event: Wander through Claudia's wildlife and kitchen garden, eat delicious homemade cakes & savoury food, meet your community, and perhaps get inspired.

Volunteering with us

Planting season is drawing to a close but there are many ways you can help: with our secondhand clothes sale, open garden ... or you could get training to become a project manager?
  • Every Friday 3:30pm (1h): Parliament Hill School Gardening Club

Wilding Schools

Making schools across London go wild! 
We are volunteers and help schools finding the best options for their spaces, assist with fundraising, project management and planting.  Together, we create native hedges, wildflower meadows, orchards, hedgehog habitats, bird sanctuaries, ...

Many exciting biodiversity projects are underway in state schools across Camden. We rely on donations, and your generosity will help make a difference.

Hedgehog Highway 

Creating a Hedgehog Corridor between Hampstead Heath and Waterlow Park

Hedgehogs need space to thrive and their habitat has become increasingly fragmented in urban environments. Their populations have been dwindling across the UK and in 2020, hedgehogs were put on the IUCN Red List as vulnerable to extinction in Great Britain.
The Heath has London’s biggest hedgehog population at we are working to increase their habitat towards the East. Holly Lodge Estate could play a vital role and become a haven for our prickly friends.

Hedgehogs used to be a part of every garden but they have completely disappeared. Will you help us saving our urban hedgehogs? We offer a FREE Hedgehog Highway Hole Cutting Service! Learn what you can do to make your garden a potential home for hedgehogs.


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