Hedgehog Highways

FREE hole cutting service

Want to help hedgehogs but don't know how? Are you local to Highgate/Hampstead/Kentish Town? Get in touch, let's take the first step together and give these wonderful creatures access to your garden. We cut into timber fences and, against a few £ to cover the costs, we can add a wooden hedgehog tunnel or a metal sign. We co-operate with Wood that Works on this project, they are a fellow female-led community enterprise and experts in anything wood.

Hedgehog Habitats

How can I help hedgehogs in my garden?

Hedgehogs need habitat, shelter and food. A few things you can do (and some you shouldn't):
  • create holes in your fence (13 x 13cm / 5 x 5")
  • build a dead hedge and log piles
  • plant a dense native hedge
  • let your lawn become a meadow
  • provide a hedgehog house suitable for hibernating
  • make your pond safe for hedgehogs: provide a ladder for them to climb out again or have shallow entrances to the pond
  • no slug pellets, as hedgehogs eat poisoned slugs 
  • no bonfires and no leaf blowers in autumn - instead, create a leaf pile
  • once you have hedgehogs in your garden, you can leave them food (cat food) and water (no milk)