St. Aloysius, Islington

A catholic comprehensive boys' school in Highgate. The dedication of the staff convinced us that we really want to work with this school. Many boys come from disadvanated backgrounds and the school is struggling with dwindling student numbers and less and less financial support from the state. This school really deserves all the support the community can give. Our plans are to get a mini orchard going and make better use of the outdoor areas. 
Update February '24: we had made a start on the 'hot bed' but sadly construction work (RAAC was used in the building) meant that the bed had to make way for scaffolding.
Update March '24: We had the best day digging and planting with the boys. Thanks to an assembly we were invited to, the students knew about us and our plans. Everyone was keen to help and worked super hard!

  • Orchard & herbs
  • Wildflowers
  • Drought-resistant bee border
  • Woodland clean-up

Phase 1 Projects

Fruit & herb bed

The picture doesn't do it justice ... we planted a couple of apple trees, blackberries, wild strawberries, herbs and lots of flowering plants for pollinators. We also placed a pond that needs to find its balance (and a bit more water). It's work in progress but we are proud and so are the boys.

Mini orchard & meadow

Slopey grass area will be home to 4 of apple trees and the grass was enriched with wildflower seeds. The boys worked super hard to scarify the grass, dig the holes and cut back some existing shrubs.