St. Aloysius, Islington

A catholic comprehensive boys' school in Highgate. The dedication of the staff convinced us that we really want to work with this school. Many boys come from disadvanated backgrounds and the school is struggling with dwindling student numbers and less and less financial support from the state. This school really deserves all the support the community can give. Our plans are to get a mini orchard going and make better use of the outdoor areas. 
Update October '23: we made a start on the 'hot bed' and work on our main bed will start soon.

  • Orchard & herbs
  • Wildflowers
  • Drought-resistant bee border
  • Woodland clean-up

Phase 1 Projects

Fruit & herb bed

Plan: build a mini wall, fill up with compost, place a small pond, add fruit trees & shrubs, plant spring bulbs, herbs and pollinator-friendly flowers. Big plans for a small space. Cost: about £1000

Hot border

Hot & Dry - the soil is very poor, it's very shallow and we have to think carefully about which plants would thrive under such harsh conditions

Mini orchard & meadow

Slopey grass area behind our futre fruit & herb bed will be home to a couple of apple trees and grass will be enriched with wildflowers

Work has started ...

The formerly quite barren bed had been planted up with park favourites that are colourful but don't do much for wildlife. However, they are pretty and we have planted our pollinator-friendly perennials and spring bulbs around them. They will start getting a good root system established before bursting into growth next spring, taking over from the annuals. We chose varieties that will hopefully withstand the hot conditions and will add more plants in spring.