Acland Burghley Project

The Brutalist style architecture is a challenge but the leadership team has some great ideas and a lot of support.
Growing Green has planted a 100-plant strong hawthorn hedge in February '23. The school has also secured an amazing Hampton Court Festival show garden that was built in July 2023. Growing Green & friends came to volunteer.
Update October '23: The area surrounding the new garden is relatively barren and unusable at the moment. We will help dig out bramble roots (we love bramble, but it's too vigorous for this space) and plant hundreds of daffodils before sowing out wildflower seeds.
Rewilding Strategies
  • Spiky hawthorn hedge
  • Wildflower Meadow
  • Daffodils
  • Pond revamp

  • Before - the foxes have had a rubbish dump fest
  • The pond needs some TLC
  • Hard at work removing bramble roots
  • After (for now) - not much to see yet
Secret Garden Transformation

Work in progress ...

Autumn '23: We are currently turning the secret garden into a space that students and staff can enjoy.  The space was very overgrown with bramble - which we love but it doesn't work that well if you want to make is usable for humans.

The hard work was to get as many bramble roots out as possible and to clear away the rubbish.
We have started planting hundreds of daffodils, creating paths and revamping the pond. But there is still a lot to do: more bulbs, more revamping and more wildflower seeds ... come and support us!

Nurturing Nature in the City

Hampton Court Garden

Summer '23: The school is now the new home to this fantastic garden by Viriditas. It was all hands on deck and we were happy to help.

Hawthorn Hedge


Winter 22/23: Planting of a hawthorn hedge.  Hawthorn is one of the best hedges for wildlife and it supports about 150 different species of insects. Bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects adore the lightly fragranced flowers that bloom in May as they provide an abundance of nectar and pollen. Moth caterpillars will feed on the foliage.  Birds such as Thrushes and Dunnocks can be found nesting in hawthorn whilst Blackbirds, Finches and Starling will feat on the red berries in autumn.