Hampstead School Projects

Hampstead School has ingenious and energetic teachers that want to make the most of the few green spaces - for the students and wildlife. Financial resources are limited but plans are bold and visionary.
UPDATE Winter '22/'23: Growing Green planted 120 trees (13 different native species of small trees and shrubs) and 5 apple trees in early '23.
UPDATE Autumn '23: We are currently working towards phase 2 of our transformation. We sent a proposal to the school and will discuss possibilities with students and staff. 
Rewilding Strategies
  • Miyawaki mini forest
  • Wildflower meadows
  • Wildlife ponds
  • Hedgehog highways 
  • Log pile / dead hedge
  • Orchard trees
  • Compost heap

New Student Garden

During a visit in November '23 we discovered an unused grassy area that is up for grabs. We have made suggestions to the students and staff and we will hopefully decide on a design and can begin some serious fundraising. Ideally we would have at least £7000 to really make an impact. Below is what the site looks now and an example of a design. 

Hedgehog Habitat

In February '23, we planted 120 trees that will turn into a mini forest. We are hoping to add a pond, maybe a dead hedge and a hedgehog house to support the local population.
Total cost: about £800

Lavender hedge

A strip of bare soil could become a low-growing lavender hedge that should withstand drought and the occasional football. Cost: £200

Wildflower Meadow

Think & Do planted a wonderful native hedge along the fence. We are hoping to complement that by enriching part of the grass with wildflowers. A second area in the front could also become a wildflower meadow.

New Orchard

A strip between car park and basketball court could be turned from a boring evergreen shrub area into an orchard and wildflower meadow with the potential to add a herb garden or a pond. Total cost: £600

Clean Air Hedge

The existing tree could get companions in the form of cotoneaster - top-rated to improve air quality because of its superpowers to trap airborne particles.  Cost for hedge, compost and ground planting ... approx: £400

Seating Area

Planting in the part of the school is fruitless and we are hoping the school could add some seating for the students.