Hampstead School Projects

Hampstead School has ingenious and energetic teachers that want to make the most of the few green spaces - for the students and wildlife. Financial resources are limited but plans are bold and visionary.
UPDATE Winter '22/'23: Growing Green planted 120 trees (13 different native species of small trees and shrubs) and 5 apple trees in early '23.
UPDATE Winter '24: We are currently working on phase 2 of our transformation. A new student garden is being worked on and we created a new small pond in the hedgehog habitat area. We also carved out some spaces for wildflowers and the front has been covered with an air-pollution busting hedge.
UPDATE February '24: sadly, our grant application was not successful, and we are now thinking of how we can build the student garden on a low budget.

Rewilding Strategies
  • Miyawaki mini forest
  • Wildflower meadows
  • Wildlife ponds
  • Hedgehog highways 
  • Log pile / dead hedge
  • Orchard trees
  • Compost heap

New Student Garden

During a visit in November '23 we discovered an unused grassy area that is up for grabs. We have made suggestions to the students and staff and started some serious fundraising. Ideally we would have at least £5,000 to make an impact. Below is what the site looks like now and an example of a design. 

Hedgehog Habitat

In February '23, we planted 120 trees that will turn into a mini forest. We are hoping to add a pond, maybe a dead hedge and a hedgehog house to support the local population.
Total cost: about £800

Lavender hedge

A strip of bare soil could become a low-growing lavender hedge that should withstand drought and the occasional football. Cost: £200

Wildflower Meadow

Think & Do planted a wonderful native hedge along the fence. We are hoping to complement that by enriching part of the grass with wildflowers. A second area in the front could also become a wildflower meadow.

New Orchard

A strip between car park and basketball court could be turned from a boring evergreen shrub area into an orchard and wildflower meadow with the potential to add a herb garden or a pond. Total cost: £600

Clean Air Hedge

Planted in December '23: Cotoneaster - top-rated to improve air quality because of its superpowers to trap airborne particles - and many native hedge plants.  We also planted lots of spring bulbs and some fern as undergrowth. Some wildflower seeds will hopefully survivce the heavy footfall and thrive.

Seating Area

Planting in the part of the school is fruitless and we are hoping the school could add some seating for the students.