La Sainte Union Projects

Waterlogged lawns and flooding of one of the buildings are a problem that need tackling. To help with excess rainwater, we are planting a native hedge that includes a few water-hungry trees. Additionally, we will make use of a south-facing wall and plant fan-trained fruit trees that will be surrounded by a wildflower meadow.
Update February '23: We planted a 140-tree-strong hedge with some very enthusiastic girls who loved the digging
Update October '23: To deal with some ongoing flooding issues, we have finally found an expert who can advise on swales and how we can use them to reduce flooding in an environmentally friendly way. Work will hopefully start in April '24
Rewilding Checklist
  • Native bird-friendly hedge
  • Orchard
  • Wildflower meadow

What the site looks like now

A sunny wall, the fence where the hedge will go and a potential site for wildflowers.